Mediterranean-Mexican Fusion Cuisine

Welcome to Alijandro's Kitchen

Drop by our new location in Downtown Mississauga or visit our food truck to taste our Medi-Mex fusion cuisine.

Medi/Mex Fusion Cuisine

Alijandro's Kitchen serves a variety of Medi-Mex fusion meals, combining the passion of Middle-Eastern cuisine with the zest and fun of Mexican fare. Our specialities include:

  • Fawaffle
  • Chicken, Beef or vegan Taboon tacos
  • Alijandro's Box w/ chicken, beef or vegan options
  • Balkawa crumble
  • Hot Chili fudge brownie
  • A variety of chips and dips
  • Wings by the LB
  • Hummus bowls
  • So much more...

Combining the passion of Middle-Eastern cuisine with the zest and fun of Mexican fare

Mexican Cuisine Mississauga
Mexican Cuisine Mississauga

Savoury Fawaffles

Alijandro's Kitchen is renowned for the savoury falafel waffle cones that are freshly pressed and prepared in-house. Made of real falafel batter and filled with robust flavours and your favourite ingredients, you can be sure to experience a unique culinary experience. Our fawaffles are gluten-free, rich in proteins, low in carbs and dairy-free.

Grab your lunch at our newest location or  one of our food trucks. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with our flavors!

Fawaffles filled with robust flavours and your favourite ingredients

Why Choose Us?

  • Healthy food
  • Hefty value for money portions
  • Top of the line customer service
  • Suitable for  vegans and vegetarians 
  • 100% halal

Come and taste our fawaffles... the coolest new food item in the GTA!